179_statueSt. John Bosco Academy promotes the educational mission of the Catholic Church by teaching the Gospel message, by worshipping together, by serving others, and by continuing to grow as a community. The message of Jesus is central to all that occurs in the school. Gospel Values are taught by precept and example. We acknowledge the importance of prayer to spiritual development and provide opportunities for children and adults to come together in worship.

The prime responsibility for creating a Christian climate and fostering a community rests with teachers, staff and parents of the school. Brookline Regional Catholic School strives to grow as a community where all are sensitive to, show concern for, and respond to the needs of others. The experience of community leads to a recognition of and a willingness to accept the call to serve. Values and attitudes are nurtured so that students will contribute to the establishment of a just and compassionate society.

We acknowledge the parents as the primary educators of their children. We recognize that the school community, parents, teachers and students must work together in a spirit of Christian professionalism, affirming each other, and sharing responsibility for student development. As a Catholic community, sensitive to individual needs, we respect the decision that involves shared input according to appropriate roles. The involvement, commitment, and growth that come with this sharing, promote our school unity.

We believe that learning takes place in an atmosphere of openness, trust and respect. Support and encouragement are necessary to meet the challenges that result in meaningful growth development. We recognize the value of using a variety of methods to meet individual needs of each child as we implement the Diocese of Pittsburgh Curriculum Guidelines.

We believe the purpose of the school is to assist in the development of knowledge, attitudes, skills and virtues that may be employed in the service of others.

Power of Service Learning
Committed to a strong Catholic identity, academic excellence, and service to others, we are very fortunate a we have been able to help our students consider themselves as global citizens through our work and study in Robotics, videoconferencing opportunities, and numerous mission partnerships.

Our service efforts have opened the eyes of our students to the wider world. They develop into global citizens who better understand Jesus’ directive ~”Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers‚Ķ.that you do unto Me.”